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About NEP

A 20bn economy, 32,500 new jobs and 37,000 new homes by 2021.
Northamptonshire. Going further, faster.

NEP is a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with a clear objective: to increase the prosperity of Northamptonshire's businesses by supporting the creation of better quality private sector jobs. It is intended that 32,500 new jobs, 37,000 new houses and an overall growth in the local economy of 30% be achieved by 2021.

We have an excellent record of working in collaboration with Northamptonshire businesses and partners including the County Council and The University of Northampton and see this joint working as an essential part of our strategy moving forward, helping the countys businesses go further, faster.

We are also very keen to exploit potential opportunities for accelerated growth across all major sectors through inward investment both in the UK and abroad. Effective trade links have already been built with India, China and Japan.

Whether you're considering a new business idea or are ready to fulfil more complex ambitions from an already established company we'd love to hear from you. We offer business support, funding and access to business networks.

There's no cost, no catch and our support is available to all Northamptonshire businesses.

NEP is a high-performing LEP

To view our latest Annual Report please click here

Our Remit

NEPs Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) outlines a bold ambition for Northamptonshire's economy, looking to increase the local economy from its current £16 billion to £20 billion in seven years and bring about unprecedented growth and prosperity for our businesses, people and communities. This level of growth will see an additional 32,500 jobs created, 1,600 new businesses started and 37,000 new houses built, helping meet the current and future housing needs of all our communities.

A £20 billion GVA ambition by 2021.

Business & Innovation

NEP’s programmes and interventions to support Business and Innovation in Northamptonshire are targeted at small, growing businesses and a range of different sized businesses within the county’s four key sectors – High Performance Technologies, Food & Drink, Creative & Cultural Industries and Logistics.

Building strong foundations, supporting sustainable business growth and providing advice and investment to help improve performance and productivity are all key actions for NEP. This will lead to greater efficiencies, innovation and the enriched competitiveness of Northamptonshire’s SMEs.

Read more – download our Annual Report


It is critical that Northamptonshire’s current and future workforce have the necessary skills and aspirations to meet the demands of local businesses. NEP’s work in this area addresses both the current skills shortages and planning for the future.

NEP is responding to the challenges that local industries are facing in finding skilled people to meet their growth demand and a number of projects have been developed to help address Northamptonshire’s bespoke skills requirements. The Place to Teach campaign is one example of this work in action.

Read more – download our Annual Report


Northamptonshire has one of the UK’s fastest growing populations and a current strategic priority is to ensure that the current and future housing needs of the county’s people and communities are met by providing the right product at the right price in the right place.

Major developments such as the Stanton Cross Strategic Urban Extension (SUE) in Wellingborough and significant housing sites in areas such as Corby North East, Daventry North East, Kettering East, Northampton North, Rushden East and Towcester South will help fulfil Northamptonshire’s housing requirement.

Read more – download our Annual Report


Northamptonshire’s main road infrastructure needs are already identified and many of these schemes are already funded and underway including the A45 Daventry Development Link and the A43 improvements to enable housing and employment development.

NEP and its partners have commissioned a series of reports to understand any potential constraints to growth from underpinning infrastructure such as utilities, rail and aviation that will help to inform future investment priorities. Northamptonshire also aims to benefit from nearly full coverage of enhanced Superfast Broadband by 2017.

Read more – download our Annual Report

Strategic Economic Plan

The Strategic Economic Plan for Northamptonshire outlines NEPs and its partners ambitious growth strategy which will deliver over 32,000 new jobs and 37,000 new homes by 2021; increasing to 70,000 new jobs and 80,000 new homes by 2031.

NEP and its private and public sector partners welcome the opportunity to work with government to unlock Northamptonshires growth potential and build on its success as one of the most entrepreneurial and fastest growing places in the country. The SEP provides real strategic focus on those issues that will make sure that Northamptonshires economy goes further, faster.

Click here to download the Northamptonshire SEP

Growth Deals

Growth Deals provide funds to LEPs for projects that benefit the local area and economy. Some of the major projects that are being taken forward as part of the Northamptonshire Growth Deal are:

A45 – Daventry Development Link (DDL)

The project will create capacity improvements on the A45 between Daventry and Northampton with environmental improvements in the centres of Weedon, Flore and Upper Heyford. The scheme will unlock additional housing identified for Daventry in the West Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy. 

Completion Date: February 2018
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £14 Million

A43 – Northampton to Kettering improvements

The project is to provide capacity improvements at two roundabouts, construction of a dual carriageway, and introduction of public transport improvements. The scheme will unlock sites for both housing and employment to the north of Northampton linked to the Northampton North SUE which is allocated for 2,000 dwellings.

Completion Date: September 2017
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £8.9 Million

Wootton Hall Park Access

The project provides a new roundabout which will facilitate future development of the Wootton Hall Park site.

Completion Date: May 2016
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £1.7 Million

Stanton Cross

The project relates to infrastructure that unlocks the mixed use Stanton Cross Sustainable Urban Extension.  This includes housing, jobs, and local amenities including school, retail centre, community centre, and park. Specifically the LGF contribution relates to the rail and river bridges across the site.

Completion Date: Early 2017
Project Lead: Bovis Homes
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £9 Million

Superfast Broad band

The Superfast Northamptonshire project is part of the national Superfast Britain programme.  It aims to bring forward ‘Next Generation Access’ broadband infrastructure in areas of the county where commercial telecoms investment is deemed unviable.  The project is delivering on the County Council’s ambitious target to see countywide access to superfast broadband by the end of 2017.

LGF has supported Stage 1 of the project.  

Completion Date: Stage 1 March 2016. Overall project completion by December 2017
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £2 Million

Smart Commuting

The project will deliver an integrated group of travel tools, commuter challenges and business engagement information. These tools will align Northampton with the Smart City philosophy by making better use of its existing infrastructure,  empowering its citizens to make informed travel choices and creating ‘Smart Commuters’

Completion Date: TBC 2017/18
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £3.5 Million

Smart Corridors

Local sustainable bus corridor infrastructure improvements, focused on Real Time Passenger Information on five radial corridors into Northampton.

Measures will support the unlocking of Sustainable Urban Extensions and employment land.

Completion Date: TBC 2017/18
Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £3.5 Million

A509 Wellingborough Development Link

A bypass of Isham to reduce severance and the impact of through traffic, particularly at peak hours. The A509 Isham Bypass scheme includes around 3.35km of dualling and upgrades a further 0.55.km of single carriageway to replace the route through the village of Isham.                                                                                       

The scheme will also deliver large scale growth at Wellingborough including a substantial development at Wellingborough North which has planning permission, and commercial development at A14 J9.

Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £15 Million

Tresham College, Wellingborough Campus

Demolish the entire sub-standard Wellingborough campus followed by rebuilding fit for purpose, efficient accommodation on the existing site. The Campus will focus on the delivery of STEM, Digital Media, Logistics Construction and High Performance Engineering subjects linked to the local priority sectors.

Project Lead: Tresham College
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £11.4 Million

Moulton Food and Drink Technology Centre of Excellence

The proposed Food and Drink Technology Centre of Excellence will provide a bespoke facility to address skills development and barriers to growth. It will also create a facility that is complementary to South Glade Food Park, Nottingham and at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln.

Project Lead: Moulton College
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £3.5 Million

A43 Northampton to Kettering phase 2

2.7km new carriageway to be constructed alongside the existing A43 single carriageway between the future location of the Moulton roundabout (constructed as part of the A43 Northampton – Kettering Phase 1b improvements.

Project Lead: Northamptonshire County Council
NEP Growth Deal Funding Contribution: £5.5 Million

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