Julia joined Northamptonshire Enterprise in January 2008. 
Julia’s first role at Northamptonshire Enterprise was to implement and manage the Northamptonshire Ambassador Programme, working closely with senior business leaders to directly impact and influence the economic development and investment promotion of Northamptonshire.  From 2011 has been responsible for the implementation and management of the Northamptonshire’s High Performance Technology Network in Northamptonshire, through the Network Julia engages with over 1000 specialist companies to identify business opportunities, stimulate national and international inward investment and support job creation. 
Whilst at Northamptonshire Enterprise Julia also conceptualised and facilitated the successful Northamptonshire Business Summit in 2010 and 2011 as a platform to provide business support and advice to over 500 local firms.  Julia was also the appointed Olympic 2012 lead for related business opportunities in Northamptonshire in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games.
Prior to joining Northamptonshire Enterprise, Julia spent eight years as a Sales Director for the Sherwood Group Plc., managing a UK design and sales team and overseeing the Far East manufacturing of over a million lingerie and swimwear garments per year, to be sold into the UK high street.